I think we're both on the same page here. I already agree that this "exercise" won't be as effective as a routine with more intensity and rest periods. We both know that. The purpose of this daily routine, for me, isn't a replacement of traditional methods.

You can call it "playing with yourself" if you'd like, however, giving that label to low intensity workouts without rest also includes saying that other similar practices (like yoga, or cardio) are simply "play". I disagree completely. The purpose of these practices is for an overall adjustment to bring your normal levels up to their highest potential. Look at this routine from the perspective of a flexibility-oriented goal and you will see what I mean.

I think we can differentiate between sexual flexibility (stretching, pelvic floor balance/control, endurance) and sexual strength (strength and size of erection, intensity of orgasm, etc). Any kind of flexibility practice essentially requires daily commitment. Flexibility, and keeping anything in "tip top shape", is more of a lifestyle and maintenance than an improvement. Strength is the opposite. You push the body PAST the threshold and thus requires rest after fatigue.