So I started taking Lecithin supplements 2 days ago. They are 1200mg pills, and I take about 4-6 per day (2-3 in the am, 2-3 in the pm). They are supposed to increase the size of your load.

One thing I have almost immediately the times I get even mildly aroused (my wife teased me yesterday for a couple minutes, and I also thought of sex this morning on my way to work) both cases I got a little hard, but wasn't for long and definitely wasn't the typical lasting effect that usually gets me to produce precum.

about 30 minutes after she teased me I felt like precum was seeping out..sure enough there was a little bit. This "never" happens with the amount of arousal I went through, which wasn't much.

Going to be having sex tonight and am curious if my load will be larger. And increase in pre-cum apparently is common when taking a good amount of lecithin.

I am really curious how my load will be affected tonight.