Hello everyone. A little back story before I ask the question... I started masturbating at the age of 9 and never really allowed my body to achieve erections on its own - since I was too young. I've been pretty over enthusiastic about masturbation at such an early edge and unfortunately, I masturbated by only playing with the top (head) part of the penis. Right now, the part of the penis near the base is a little less thick than the top part. Also, when I have an erection, the top part is harder. Especially after edging sessions, the top part is so hard that it hurts to even slightly squeeze it. But, the base part seems more... numb, if that's the right word. Basically, if I touch the base and squeeze it slightly, I don't feel anything special (after masturbation) - as if I'm touching my skin anywhere else on the body. Is there any way to make the base harder during erections and maybe make it slightly bigger?

I know it's an unusual question and feel free to ask me a question if I'm not clear.