Basically I did JP's 90 day routine and completed it. PI's were great lots of morning wood, everything was going awsome. Continued with a modified JP routine for another month or so withh a little increased intensity. No problems everything was great. I took a week off for conditioning, when i came back I decided to give Big Al's jelq free routine a try. It included horse squeezes and strecthes. everything went well after the first few sessions. great PI's alwasy had a very good flaccid hang and even got some girth gains. After about a week when I was doing the squeezes I noticed that I wasn't feeling the same pressure that I had in past workouts, i figured that my penis was getting use to it and decided to squeeze a bit harder. never had any pain or discomfort. After a few more sessions My PI's were way down, no morning wood what so ever and lots of turtling, and loss of sensitivity. I've stopped all PE'ing for about a week now and things arent getting any better. I'm really concerned with the loss of sensitivity and the coldness. I'm uncut and was fairly sensitive before this, so the loss of sensitivity is pretty extreme. I feel like I have very little blood flow.
I've lost about 50% of my sensitivity in my penis shaft and glans. Its been consistantly turtling for the past week, also my glans are often noticibly cold. I'm really concerned and looking for some advice wether it be from someone who's heard of this before or someone with personal experience. Please guys. Thanks.