Well you started off with the right plan.....going to the gym when you were upset over your relationship....but things obviously went down hill from there when you started steroids. Bad.

You are suffering from a psychological disease called "body dysmorphic disorder" where you are unable to see your own body as it is....you may truly see your penis as small....but it does not change size.

This is similar to women with anorexia who think that they are fat.

Your penis should not be shrinking. Penises dont shrink from steroids...testes shrink. Plus...you took these a long time ago. Your body is not "stuck" in some past state. Your test. level is normal. If you dont believe me go to the doctor and get it measured and be done with it.

Do NOT take more drugs with the idea that you are going to get your Testosterone back to normal levels...you dont even have a clue as to your level in the first place! Do not take more drugs period! What the heck are you trying to do to your young body.

Instead I have real ideas and an action plan for you....

1) go to the doctor and get checked out
2) if all is normal (as Im sure it is)...and you are still suffering with anxiety....go to a psychiatrist...get real help
3) start a good PE regimen. I can guarantee you that ANY PE regimen is going to give you a better flaccid hang if nothing else. Hanging is working for me...I never believed it would..no way...I read about PE 10 years ago and blew it off as worthless....woe is me!..and in only 2 months my flaccid hang is great....other measurements are coming along as expected also...

Huge confidence booster even though the only people that see it are me and my wife and Im a middle aged 45.

4) meet some other women (men?) whatever your pleasure...and forget about that past relationship. Its OVER. You have to live in the present. You are now wasting your life living in the past. I can't describe to you how much time I wasted when I was your age chasing after women who were not interested. Go out and have a good time with the ones who are interested in you. Forget the rest.

The great thing about PE is that its natural (no drug trials please!).

I WISH I HAD YOUR CHANCE to learn PE at your age. You can get a great penis and get that thought out of your mind in a couple year.

Get to work on my action plan now.

Do the above and you will be on the way to improvement.