I am amazed that you have hanged on for such a long time! That is true dedication and I am sure you will gain
eventually! I feel the same as you sometime its bigger, then it goes back to a more normal state.

Perhaps you are sensitive for doing it to much or not enough. It's need to be perfectly balanced and consistent.

Ever felt like your dick is not plumped, feeling it has like disappeared in your pants? I believe this is a bad
feeling, not sure but this might be a sign of over worked.

Do you keagel enough? I think getting a strong pc is important. Anyone correct me if I am wrong, but keagel
blood as you do the stroke would maximize the pressure building up. Perhaps you should try this?

Or, perhaps you should only focus on stretches for a while. I believe stretching the dick for a long period of time
gives you a longer flaccid, stretching for a short time with more intensity and let your unit rest for a longer
time gives you a longer erect size, again if someone do know the correct answer to this, please correct me.

I stretch my dick every time I go to the toilet and that is quite a good stretch with high intensity. Not
sure this will work, we'll see. Not telling you should ripp your dick of everytime you go to the restroom,
but pulling it as much as you can must make a difference?