I didnīt know that such a penis site exists. Itīs intersting, but not exactly precise. Although the image resembles my unit, it lacks other factors link curvature, penis shape, different girth parts (base, mid shaft and under the glans), etc. Plus, it would be better to measure NPBEL, since the difference between BPEL and NPBEL varies a lot from man to man, and in some cases can be substantial.

In my case, Iīm about 7.1'' BPEL, but my NBPEL is about 6.5'' (with my unit totally straight, since it has an upward curvature. If I measure it with the curvature I get about 6.2''). Plus, since I have a turkey neck by the sides of my base, it takes me more about 0.2" (visually speaking). So, all calculations done, my unit goes from and hidden 7.1" (wich according to some is considered as big), to a good average 6.5" NBPEL (in spite of being forced to be straight), then to a 6.2" normal state (upward curvature), to a final more then average 6'' visual penis... :/

But, anyway, itīs still a very interesting.