Hey guys, Im still a beginner, I been doing pe on and off so far for 3 months, trying new exercisez and such, just sticking to basics right now but in the future , Im going to try horse squeezes when doing consistent pe after solving some other problems I have in life, obviously Im not going to try horse squeezes now but Im taking precautions for the future.

Horse squeezes are one of the best girth exercisez out there, I tried it just to try it once to see what it was like so I know how to do it in the future, the problem is, I have a mushroom head , wider and thicker than the shaft, so when doing the horse squeeze the mushroom head gets in the way and messes up the exercise's properness because at the point where the head meets the shaft, the dime grip gets "broken" while doing the horse squeeze, so did anybody else have this problem before of the penis head getting in the way while doing the horse squeeze? I need some help here because If I dont overcome this issue, supra slammers will be a problem in the future too, and as we all know, penis exercising does not work when done inaccurately, as a matter of fact thats why people dont gain.