First post! So what's up guys i'm basically brand new to Pe. Albeit I have been lurking around here for quite some time now reading up on everything I can. I have also been actually doing the exercises off and on for probably around a month now. taking probably no more than a two day break at a time so I still count that as a good month. But I was curious as I am still a beginner is there anything I can do besides jelqing for girth? When I jelq it doesn't feel like i'm moving any blood really. My penis doesn't really feel like it's getting all that much more engorged and my head doesn't feel like it's really getting any expansion. Also I can't seem to even keep my self at 50% EQ when doing them. So yeah was just curious as to whether I could do maybe ULI's instead and just keep the amount I do and rest periods up. Any advice is appreciated