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I'm a biomedical scientist.

The anaemic symptoms youre struggling with are normal for someone with such a condition.

The transfusion wont have any effect on your gains, but may improve erection quality due to increased oxygenation (from a boost in RBC's Haem level or total viable count) making you feel more energetic and alleviating your symptoms.

The iron supplements take time to build up in your body. Your body uses iron as you consume it, but it also stores it in your liver. While iron tablets may not have an immediate effect, they will gradually build up these stores and help you a little more IF the anaemia is caused by an iron deficiency or increased elimination of RBC's from your system.

I would definitely go through with the transfusion and keep up with the treatment as it will not harm your gains and could possibly improve your EQ, recovery and workouts if successful.
Hi ThreeOne

you gave me the best answer of many here.

I have some further questions though.
1. is it normal that people who had transfusion previously to need a new transfusion?
2. What are the effect of transfusion, will the individual be more active and energetic like anyone else?
3. I have noticed that I suffer from concentration problems, something which is a symptom of anemia, will my concentration improve after transfusion?
4. let say the amount of blood in my system is 3 litre, is there anyway to increase the blood to normal level of 5-6 litre without transfusion

Thank you for your response
I have booked a meeting with a doc next week.