So currently cutting in order to get to around 8-10% body-fat. Estimate around 12-13 right now. Taking 25mg ephedrine HCL and 100-150 mg caffeine, 3 times a day, lifting heavy 3-4 times a week and cardio 4 or so times a week. Definitely notice stim dick. I read that having a "full flaccid" is important for gains. Any truth in this? Because if that's the case, I'm cheating myself out of gains.

Im thinking of doing the ECA 1 day on one day off. Would it be better to coincide these "off days" with my PE off days? Since i don't have a problem doing my workouts on the ECA, in fact it seems to help me last forever and be hard a rock when edging. The only (-) is when flaccid it makes him lose blood flow b/c vasoconstrictive properties. Any advice forum?