I just turned 48. Man, the women look better by the day. It's amazing what you learn about 'em as you get older. Rod Stewart said it best: " I wish . . . that. . . I knew what I know now, when I was younger . . ."
But that's not why I started this thread. Like any other man, I love to masturbate, but not just jack off. I love long 2-3 hour Sting-like tantric sessions. Hell, I was prolly edging before I knew what it was. It's gotten to the point where I can just use the old imagination and go for a long time. It's great. I also scope out the blue movies. I think the best drug in this world is the orgasm. No, a good "NUT." LOL!
So, boys and girls, I ask you this: Did old Ernest Borgnine have a point a few years ago when he said he stayed young by choking his chicken? As a middle age man approaching half a hundred, I must say that I have some of the clearest skin i've ever had. My erections aren't exactly 16 year-old ish, but they point north enough to make the Evel Kneivel Snake River Canyon jump more successful. LOL! I'm about 80 ilbs heavier than high school. The BP averages about 130/82. I don't need reading glasses and I'm always scoping out ass. Always horny or thinking about it.
I don't know if any ofyou older members out there lope the mule as much as myself, but tell me if Borgnine has a point. Personally, I think homeboy is on to something.