Why do you want a big penis? (I know PE is good for penis health).

I want a big penis because being under average just gets me down mentally despite my GF saying i shouldn't care or worry but its just something i want to do for myself but secretly to impress her too.

Has doing PE had any impact on your social and/or personal life?
No impact on social life other than it takes 1 to 2 hrs depending on what routine i am doing of my day which is an issue but since i've started, got to keep it up til my goals are realised!

How long into PE was it before you noticed any changes and if you didn't see any gains in a year has this dismotivated you, or made you question your PE routine or PE in general?

Maybe few weeks or months and noticed EQ increase and flaccid length and girth changes, erect gains came slowly. I haven't seen any gains for 4-6 months but managed to gain abit more now and questioned whether i can gain anymore but since everyone else can get 1" on both areas then why can't i!