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and what does this do?? increase sex time?thats the only thing that seems logical.
Actually if u edge or balloon right after finishing your pe, youre putting blood into your newly expanded tissue. In aaron kemmer's "Exercising your penis' chp 31 maximizing gains, it says 1) being able to get and hold an erection after your workout is a good sign you didnt over train, and gives clues if you undertrained and 2) because your penis is usually its hardest right before you cum, adding masturbation helps alot gain faster. Pe is a blood flow game. More blood = better erections + better healing = larger penis over time.
Second, if you edge in a way to excite nerves beyond the most sensitive ones, you can reprogram your penis to be able to reach orgasms differently and better. This trick comes in handy if, like me, you over masturbated urself to cum quickly. Your hand(s) are rougher than lips/vagina/anus and therefore you could lose sensitivity. With proper edging or ballooning, you use a lighter touch and as previously stated excite more dormant nerves, while possibly re-sensitizing others. That, with some mental reprogramming (very hard to do) can actually decrease sex time, but increase refractory time (time in between cumming and the next erection). Its all in you goals.