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Also under the quote part I added my 2 cents about what i thought and how i had to change a lot of things to my PE routine, im pretty much my size i was born with except maybe extra girth by like .25" . Are you watching my profile to try and make fun of me?? I can tell you must be such a ladies man.... lmfao. Also when you talk really tough to everyone it makes me think that no one is paying attention to you, you may be smaller than average in physical size and probably aesthetically deficient So you act like a big tough man online, Life is unfair man but if you never try and pursue women ... or real friends outside the computer world you will regret it when you get older and older and i dont want to see a fellow PEer get depressed and do something he shouldnt, I would be glad to talk to you in private to work out any life problems with you as i am someone really easy to talk to if you knew me

I did read from the top carefully .. i even corrected your quoting issue
In this above post you are directing it at cusp.. were you not?.. and if you were not directing the whole thing at him then its not clear at what point you switched direction .. so i suggest you write more carefully.