I mostly lurk, but I thought I'd share some of my progress and concerns.

Since starting December 1st, I've gained an inch in length and a 1/4 inch of girth. Currently sitting just under 7" length and 5.1" of girth. I really feel this is a pretty good sweet spot for length. Wouldn't mind a little more girth.

The title of this thread is related to what's holding me back and causing pain actually. I've always been satisfied with length. So my routines have always focused on girth. Now, I didn't read the thread I'm talking about until recently.

Over the last 2 months I've noticed erections were definitely a 10/10 and kind of achy. Lately this has progressed to down right hurting a bit. Not a sharp pain, but very intense pressure kind of pain. I'd say erections were 11/10! Forget edging, my unit would probably explode.

After reading that thread and learning about limiting factor, my tunica is definitely my limiting factor. I've since switched to primarily stretching exercises, primarily tunica and bundle stretches. This is helping tremendously. I've been at this for 2 weeks. It's slowly becoming less painful. Girth is up an 1/8 of an inch already, though that is within possible measuring errors. I'll tell myself it's a gain though.

Main point, after doing the 90 day starter routine or whatever you start with. Read the "Focus your gains" thread before getting too into this. One, your gains will come MUCH faster and you won't get yourself into the situation I'm in where the smooth muscle is WAY too inflated for the tunica to hold.