I wanted to ask about arranging PE sessions during the week.

I have been using JP90 routine for 7 months (now I know it wasnít a good idea to make it for so long but itís not the case). In JP90 one make for 5 days exactly the same exercises and then take 2 days off.
Now I am exercising:

ultimate jelq (20 min)
ultimate V jelq (20 min) both described by rbi99 Ė thank you
Uli 12 x 15 seconds

As you can see these are girth exercises.
My question is: Is it appropriate to also make them 5 days on 2 off?? Or maybe it is too intensive or not wise as there should be more time to rest/grow in between?
I ask because I canít really find out by myself. In fact I donít get negative indicators but on the other hand I gain just 0,1 cm (0,04Ē) girth / month and no lenght at all. Regarding all previous months of trainings I guess I am a slow gainer but maybe diversifying exercises for each day of the week would enhance the growth?

What I was thinking maybe it would be better to make 1 day girth exercises then 1 day length exercises? If so shall one do any resting days and if yes then how many days off? What is your opinion?