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lol dude the fact that it hurts her should say you are allowed to take a break from it have sex all u want, have fun, and get ur girl use to your new dick, then she will leave , come back and have a new bigger dick to deal with, get her use to it little by little instead of ripping her pussy open 6 months from now, HAVE SEX MAN!! or just talk it out with your girl about it hurting her and go from there

but i know what you mean, its like an athlete at a party before his game/fight, he may want to drink some beers, but he knows it will affect his preformance the next day. cause lets be real, im sure without PE you would be having sex without a doubt
ya all good points man, i like the athlete analogy though, kinda exactly it in a nut shell... thing is she's we are living together now, but ofcourse i am enjoying making love to her, and i know i'll be busy soon anyway with work so it will be all good... its funny because after sex now she is tired as hell, and she actualy sitting beside me passed out right now lol!