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If you started PE 2 years ago, you know the answers to your question already.
I started it without any seriousness at the age of 20. I really don't know much about it and was only messing around to see if it worked. After reading a lot on this website, including JP's guide, I've learned that my gains may have came easily, without much consistency in workouts, because I have high LOT. The hang-weights idea sounds best. Also, I don't want this size for my ego, well, maybe partly; I really enjoy the wide eyed look that pretty girls get when they see it, and play with it. If my peen was 10 inches long then I would have an in into Hollywood, and eventually many starlets' panties. Also having a big name (pun intended,) will likely increase my chances of becoming renown as a writer. I thank everyone who has given advice, or has said something constructive; IE, wasn't saying anything that is a non sequitur. Have a nice day everyone, and I hope we all reach our goals with expediency.