well so far my world of PE has been great, aside from a run in with my lady that has been a bit of a routine buster... she knows i do PE and she likes it, but she's a damn nymphomaniac and now i'm left with a little bit of fetigue that has lead me to being extra careful with PE... anyway, i'm wondering if any of you guys have come across the happy medium between stretching (hanging) and jelqing pumping? what i mean is, now that i have incorperated manual stretching (15min timed with constant pressure and pull), that when i do my pump jelq session later in the day, i find that the pump and girth is not as good as before, then when i just did the pumping and the jelqing alone, but i seem to be reaching new length barriers in the cylinders now, strange i find this... i know some say not try and get length and girth at the same time, but i there's gotta be a good routine or medium... hows this sound

6 days a week manual stretching with everyother day pump and jelq, just sunday off?... also stretch before pumping? i'm friggen lost with combining the 2, seriously!