Be a bud an help out!! I've been doing P.E for over 6 months now and I literally see no gains or its just the gains are really small, I'm not sure... I finished J.P's 90 day routine and after I added on to the exercise, a bit more advanced you can say, from doing those workouts, every morning I get a healthy morning wood and no turtling occurred. Or does turtling happen during mid-day?? Well anyways I was wondering if I should jelq more and stretch more? And maybe do different types of jelqing because I only do the regular basic jelq and I rep it 230 times with 5 sec "milking" and rest and do 50 more.. And for stretching, I do the 360 rotation stretch: 15 clockwise and counterclock, and between each rotation I do 30 kegels holding it for a bit more than one second( I explained my routine backwards btw) But just to be on the positive side I'm still not giving up. Can anyone send me a routine that they think it will be best for me??