Hi all,

I've been reading on pegym for a while and often see the topic of maitenence routines etc...
I can understand why a routine is important, but what I'm not 100% sure on is:

If you stop exercise suddenly after you have reached you goal, will you eventually lose ALL the gains you've made, or a part of the gains you've made.

Take this for example,

Say you have a 6in erect length, you have been exercising steadily for a year, and have made a significant gain of 1in and are now a total of 7in erect (good maths), and then stop all together. Will you eventually go back to 6in? Or possibly lose half and stay at 6.5in? Let's say the time after you stop is over a lengthly period.. Of say 1-2 years.

I understand that each person is completely different and may react differently.. But let's just generalize for now

Appreciate any feedback!