Hey guys i hope you can help me
I just bought a PE with the two most known kinds of fixation. The first one is with a big large stripe, and second comes with a string.

I definetly prefer the second one because it is faster, easier and almost painless. Although I noticed how the top of the penis is partially not covered with the string, could this cause the penis to "slide" back? When I look at it it looks pretty tightened, but as I said it's practically painless. How do I know it is too much? Is pain the only "answer"?)

On the manual I saw that I should wear it initially for just 2 hrs per day and not consecutively. And avoid using it for more than 5 hrs in any case. But I found very different advice here... (For now I am following the manual)

But what makes me wonder the most is how should I set this thing. Should I set it to my best erection lenght? Which by the way it's what I do... but when it gets flaccid it goes down by almost an inch even on traction (the glans gets smaller so...) Or should I push it more? Or less?

Hope you can give me some advice...