Has anyone ever hit a wall with length gains and then managed to eventually overcome it and gain again WITHOUT hanging? I've seemed to have really hit a wall with my length and it is frustrating as I desperately want more. I have been PEing for years now pretty consistently with the exception of a couple long decon breaks I took due to injury/fatigue or just life issues. I definitely have gained probably an inch or so in length from when I started, but seems like the past 6 months or so I've gotten nothing. I'm not anti-hanging, but I only have about 45 min/day(including warm-up) to do PE so I figured it wouldn't even be worth it to hang.
Currently I'm doing about 15-20 min of stretching.

Stretch and hold in all directions for 30 sec while kegeling (x2)
Side to side stretches
Tunica Tugs

And then I move onto girth work, which I don't seem to have much of a problem gaining. Can anyone offer any direction or suggestions? I'm a little over 7" now and I'd REALLY, REALLY like to hit 8" in next year or so.