YO! Soooo, first post, I've been lurking for about 4 months now, and followed my way through JP's 3 month routine fairly religiously with no notable set backs. Towards the end of it, I started dabbling with clamping. Before the whole "you need to be conditioned" bit, I had done some uninformed PE for maybe three or four months before I found this site, just from what very brief/cursory google searches yielded. However, it wasn't nearly as effective as JP's routine (many thanks there), but still helped me build up some resistance/durability apparently.
ANYWAY, I'm focusing more on girth, as I seem to not be doing too horribly lengthwise (started at like 6.25" BPEL, to just under 6.8" from last measurement), and I'd really like to even things out (girth started at 4.25" MSEG, probably around 4.5-4.6" now). Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I appear to have developed a bit of a left curve somewhere in there. It's nothing huge at the moment, only really there when I'm decently flaccid, but I'm pretty sure it's gotten worse, which is rather troublesome (my dick used to be, as far as I'm aware, pretty much perfectly straight). BUT it's driving me absolutely CRAZY, like step-out-of-the-shower,-look-in-mirror,-resist-urge-to-shout-profanity,-then-obsess-over-the-curve-all-day crazy. I haven't really taken pictures or anything, so I can't say for certain, but it definitely seems more prominent than it was three or four weeks ago.

At any rate, I'm looking to stop this curving trend as soon as possible, and hopefully fix what has happened already... I'd rather nip the problem in the bud than have it get too far gone. So, I postulate a question: Is it possible that clamping caused the curve?
It seems like the most likely cause, simply because I didn't notice the curve until a few weeks after I started clamping. But I could be gripping too hard with jelqs, or doing v-jelqs wrong, or something like that.

I don't have a cable clamp, so I've been using a hose clamp with an ace bandage, which has worked well, gives great expansion/pressure, and I feel has helped my girth a considerable amount. But I swear, every time I take it off and things go back to normal, my dick looks more curved than before, even though I've tried to be as equal with it as possible. Moreover, I've still tried to maintain JP's 90 day jelq routine in addition to clamping, and I haven't had any negative PI's, save a sore tendon after an intense week that went away after a few days of heat and rest.
I guess I'm looking for input as to what others might think the problem could be, and, if a cause is found, if it could be reversed to fix said curve, or if jelqing to the right is the best way to go. Incidentally, I'm due back at college in about two weeks, and clamping is currently by far the easiest/most discreet way for me to continue towards my goals, as the jelqing routine is done entirely in the shower over the course of an hour... Which is a bit long to be in there, considering how dorm life is, so it'd be mighty swell to figure this out while I still have time to plan!!

If you have any questions, ask away, and I'll get back as soon as possible! At this point, I'm pretty desperate; I'm willing to entertain pretty much ANY idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, so don't hold back!

~Many thanks!! (Also, my bad for the long post. I sometimes get a smidge wordy when writing).