So I have been doing PE for about 3 months now. Started off the first month only stretching (I am going primarily for length) to ease into things. Added jelqs beginning in month 2 and have been doing them ever since. My first routine began as follows:

20 minute warmup with a heating pad
20 minutes of stretching - broke it up into 3 parts: stretched 1 minute in all directions (left, right, up, down, out) plus 1.5 min of circular stretches (repeated 3 times) for a total of 3 X 6.5 = about 20 mins
Cool down using an ice pack for a minute or two

My problem was this: after cooling down, even for a short period of time, I turtled a decent amount. Aside from that, my PI's were great.

I have always wondered whether or not I should cool or warm down, so I decided that I wanted to try mixing it up after a month.

After a month, I added the following to my routine:

An additional set of the same stretches (about 25 min total)
Added 100-125 jelqs
Edge for 10-15 mins
Warm down

Initially, for the first 2 months, my PI's were great - woke up with woody's often, great flaccid hang during the day, felt like I was growing but didn't see actual results. BTW, my start size was 6.5 BPEL, 5.5 girth. After 6 weeks, I had no noticeable results in terms of size growth. I decided to switch to warm downs instead of cool downs. I added jelqs at a month, started edging. After 3 months I may have gained about 1/8", but its tough to measure when the gains are small like that. I am trying to be patient and I know it takes time, but I feel like I should be growing a bit faster or seeing some decent results.

My questions: Should I switch back to cool downs? Not sure if these lead me to better PI's or if it were simply getting started that made me feel like that. I think the rest of the routine is ok, but am always open to suggestions. I just want to grow!!! I appreciate any comments or feedback!