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Um... ???
Not sure of exactly what you're trying to say but you seem to be taking what I said completely out of proportion.

Increasing your testosterone will help your PE gains. That's why zinc is such an important supplement to be taking while doing these exercises (read articles about zinc for more information). But the professional bodybuilders take an artificial test. supplement, which will block your testicles from producing their own.
This is why these types of drugs lead to testicular shrinkage: the testes aren't being used and aren't needed, so they shrivel up. Even after they've stopped taking the drugs, they develop all sorts of other additional problems, one of which being gynocomastia, a hormone imbalance that causes breasts in men.

However, doing certain workouts will naturally increase your testosterone. Compound exercises like squats and dead lifts.
Please show me proof of Testosterone helping PE gains. All males have testosterone....the levels don't dictate penis size. Your body knows no difference between natural test and synthetic, if it did it wouldn't stop producing naturally if you took synthetic. I think for some reason your relating testosterone production to puberty and penis growth as a teenager, but there are millions of things going on internally in your body at that time and testosterone production isn't 100% the reason for growth. Puberty can never be replicated, regardless of what your hormone levels are. All i was saying is that working out/being in shape will overall help with bloodflow, health, etc which will all slightly aid in PE gains and recovery. Doing squats or deadlifts will not affect your gains one ounce I assure you.