The longer I practice penis enlargement, the more I am convinced that as the blood fills your penis, it is like one of those long rubber balloons. There is just so much blood--i.e., air, and just so much penis. As the blood engorges it, it will elongate and grow thicker. But just as the balloon grows in girth if you squeeze it at one end, so does your cock.

I measured my woody this morning upon arising--I hit 9.5" by 6", but when I measured again it was 8.5" by 6.5". That half inch difference in girth is huge. However, the length was reduced. I think when I hit the Mrs. from behind, doggy style, my cock must be closer to the latter figure. That's why she can take it all right up to the hilt. She sure does moan when I shove it in all the way.