In the Definitions section under the FAQ heading, Fowfer entails sitting on your drawn back penis, and while various posts on this subject add the odd variation here and there, it seems to me that there is much more to it than this. Let me describe how the Fowfer features in my current routine, which takes place before I go to sleep at night.

After a warm up I do a bundle, first clockwise twisting, followed by one anti-clockwise, and Crank several times in both directions. I then lie on my side, hold my balls forward, while pulling my (flaccid!) penis under my perineum, stretching it as far as possible before securing it BTC. Then I cross my legs, and press them very firmly together. While holding this pressure, I find that doing pelvic thrusts as far forward as I can produces some really wonderful sensations as the stretches continue. From time to time it is necessary to repeat the backward tug on my glans, and make sure the BTC clench is secure, to take up the penile extension that results from this procedure.

I sleep eventually with my penis still BTC - and am always rewarded when waking up in the morning with a superb flaccid hang. Thoroughly recommended!