I decided it became time to shift to the next gear with PE. It feels like I'm not making the progress I want, and I'm going to try to take it to the next level.

Starting from tuesday I will take the following supplements:

- Zinc Picolinate 45mg + Ca + Cu
- 3x L-Arginine 500mg
- Colostrum 500mg
- L-Glutamine 500mg
- L-Lysine 500mg
- Multi Vitamine mix: 800g vitamine A, 1,4mg vitamine B1, 1,6mg vitamine B2, 18mg vitamine B3 (PP), 6mg vitamine B5, 2mg vitamine B6, 1g vitamine B12, 60mg vitamine C, 5g vitamine D, 10mg vitamine E, 200g foliumacid (B9,B11,M), 150mg Mg, 14mg Fe, 15mg Zn, 0,9mg Cu, 150g jodium, 1,8mg Mn, 25g Cr, 40g selenium, 45g molybdeen, 85mg ginseng, 200mg guaranaextract

I'll take all of them in the morning, exept for L-arginine, which I will take one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one before PE or before I go to bed.

I quit smoking on monday, and will try to keep that up. On my PE off days, I go running, and I'll try to do some edging before I go to bed (20-30 minutes).

I'm going to eat healthy with lots of vegetables (celery, tomatoes, paprika, cucumber). Try to drink at least 3 cups of green tea every day, and a caffeine free mint/eucalyptus thee before I go to sleep. Drink at least 200ml of milk or yoghurt a day. 1,5L of water. Try to eat at least 50g of protein a day.

I'm also going to try to start a kegal and reverse kegal routine (which will be hard).

Right now my routine is one day on one day off:

10 minutes warm up
10 minutes stretches
10 minutes squeezes
20-30 minutes high erection % PE excercises while edging

Maybe I should do some more tweaking there...

Obviously I'll take accurate measurements before I start this routine, and will make the first evaluation after one month.

If you have some good advice for me, or if I forgot something, please leave it here


Johnny B