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Do you log your hours by any chance and could tell me how many hours you did in these six months?
I'm using an extender too and would like some data to compare. Thanks!
Let's say I put the stretcher on at 12 PM and take it off around 12 AM. However, in between those times I'm taking it off to urinate, to shower, because it's getting so uncomfortable that I might kill someone. I've never had a set time, I just try to wear it as much as possible. I'd say the average is about 7 hours a day. I also took a few weeks off once, I don't know if that helped or not. Looking at when I bought it and doing some rough math I'd say it's been close to 1100 hours.

When I first bought the extender, my flaccid length and girth was too short for it. I had to really stretch out my penis, and concocted a device made out of velcro and foam to prevent it from slipping. It was a pain, but I would suggest you stretch it out as much as you can. I seem to get the best gains that way.

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It would be a really really really really ( did I say really enough) good idea to do the JP routine along with your other work. I mean it may really help you a lot. Really, I'm not kidding!

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I agree with this. I fell that combining routines is really a good way to compound your efforts. I also do limited manual exercises; however, I do manual stretching and pumping on a daily basis and can feel the combined efforts working better than when I was doing extending alone.

Your growth rate so far has been fantastic so it appears you are an easy grower, so combining exercises should provide you with a massive volume increase going forward.

Congratulations and good luck.
Yeah I agree. I'll start doing the JP routine soon.