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What was your first gain like?

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  • What was your first gain like?

    When you saw with your own eyes on a ruler that you had really truly gained either length or girth for the first time, what was that like? How did it affect you?

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    I had been training length exclusively with manual stretching for 19 Days. I had started to notice that during erections it just seemed a little longer. I didn't think it was really possible that I had gained yet, but I decided to get out my ruler and correct my perceptions.

    3/8 inch (0.375 inch). "Yep, that's a gain. That's real."

    I said it out loud. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was real because my BPEL hadn't moved in over 10 years. I knew what PE failure looked like and this wasn't it.

    So the first thing that occurred to me is that it was a real gain. And in that instant I recognized that many of the other reports of gains from various training strategies also had to be true. I was not the first to do this. Now I had confirmation of some of the stuff I had been seeing in the forums.

    I was surprised that it happened by Day 19, but also not so surprised. It was fully unexpected, but as I thought about how many days had passed since I first noticed it seemed a little longer, I realized that the gain probably happened by about Day 10. I thought about what I had been doing with the manual stretching and it just seemed to add up logically that it produced a gain after all.

    I regretted never focusing on length training in the past. I regretted being so fixed on gaining girth for some reason in all those prior attempts. Maybe what I was learning could transfer in principle to girth training.

    As it all sunk in I also felt something I've never heard anyone describe before. A loss of innocence. It wasn't regret, but it was a recognition that what I had done was probably permanent and there was no going back.

    "Is this really what I want to be doing to my body? I was happy with it as it was. Very happy. What if it gets too long or something now?"

    My next thought?

    "Well what if I had been born this way? What if I had been born with a much longer penis? Wouldn't I probably be as self-accepting as I was from the start of this thing?"

    I decided to take whatever new gains I got - to accept them as part of my body; to use PE as a sort of psychological exercise in self-acceptance through bodily changes. Within certain limitations of course. If it ever did get to be too much, I would stop.

    The next phase was that my imagination was TOTALLY ELECTRIFIED!!!

    If I gained 0.375 inch by Day 19, maybe in another 19 days I would be at 0.750 inch!

    I wondered what my "rate of gains" was and where it would stop.

    Well, I gained maybe another 1/16 of an inch and the gains came to a dead standstill no matter what I tried. Reality check.

    Probably the deepest impact of this initial gain was finally being satisfied that it was settled. The stuff really did work. That's what I had set out to learn from an empirical trial of one technique.

    By Day 84 my hands were shot. My penis needed a long rest. There were hardly any more gains. I had learned what I needed to know. I thought I was done, but I did come back for more the following year.


    I spent the next year adapting to the new erect length during sexual activity. I won't say much more about it except that I enjoyed the novelty of the new length. Even that 7/16 inch gain was noticable to me. I was surprised by that.

    Subsequent training cycles got at least 2 more increments of erect length. I'm still shaking some of the details out.
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      Originally posted by mistergeorge View Post
      When you saw with your own eyes on a ruler that you had really truly gained either length or girth for the first time, what was that like? How did it affect you?
      I had spent about 6 months floundering around, trying to get a good routine and do the exercises properly. At the start of the 6th month I was able to set a decent routine and stick to it. At the end of that month I did a measure and had gained 1/4 inch. I had to check again the next day, and sure enough, 1/4 inch.

      It blew me away. And it cemented my determination to keep going.
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