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  • Extender + Pump?

    I recently bought an extender but have been talking to a few friends using pumps and now I've developed an interest in pumping too. I'm just wondering if both things can be combined into a routine and if anybody has already tried it?

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    If you are a beginner it is not recommended. I have 4 years of experience and kind of new to extending (pelvic for three months). I usually clamp and edge and then extend and sometimes pump clamp, edge and then extend. Most people like pumping and then Extend after that.
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      I do both and I’ve been doing PE regularly since Feb. I use a Bathmate hydro max 7 and a home made extender which I’ve posted pictures of…

      also do stretches, jelqs, angion, and weights…

      be careful though, keep an eye out for pain and or other problems…Putting that amount of strain on your dong can do serious damage…

      ive taken most of the advice from senior members. I wasn’t taking enough rest days and doing way too much, sometimes less is more…

      1 thing I’ve found with using them in combination, don’t use the stretcher right after you pump…It erased the pump and actually takes less time to start hurting…
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        I made a good bit of gains with jp90, bathmate, and extender. I eventually plateaued but I'd say most of my permanent length gains to date came from extending.
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          Bathmates are excellent for auxiliary and (when used as the main part of a routine) beginner/intermediate level training. For advanced pumping, a model with a gauge and with higher pressure tolerances will offer accuracy and a greater challenge.
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            I have been doing a routine of glans pumping using a special cylinder that isolates my glans, followed by extender use, for about 5 years. It has grown my glans mushroom quite a bit. The cylinder pump brings my glans to its largest size, followed by bare noose extending using a cord around the corona or mushroom ring. I have a long shaft (almost 8") but a smaller glans, so for many decades I wanted to enlarge it. This combination has been well worthwhile, and has given a larger glans. I would like to make my mushroom crazy big of course, but big enough is nice too.
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