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Amount of tension to sleep in with PF

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  • Amount of tension to sleep in with PF

    Hello everyone, I have used the PF for about a week now and have clocked 80 hours so far and am loving it. My issue is that I wear it while I sleep and am afraid of using too much or too little tension for prolonged periods. Of course I do not want to asphyxiate my dick, but also I want to make sure that I am not wasting my time for minimal to no gains on very low tension. As I acclimate to the PF I would like to know; how high of a tension can you safely sleep in?



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    Experts may state otherwise, but I wouldn't recommend sleeping with an extender on. Should there be any issue where circulation is concerned and you aren't awake to catch it, it could be serious.
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      I would strongly recommend not to ever sleep in any extender no matter how safe someone claims it is, also If you roll over or move while sleeping you can also injure yourself. If any problem happens you will not know until the pain wakes you up and then damage can be serious.


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        I wouldn’t sleep with one on and I’ll try just about anything! I forgot to take a cock ring off once and fell asleep, wasn’t good!!

        had a vein that wouldn’t go down for 2 weeks after. Not a good idea to leave anything on while unconscious…