So I am in the middle of doing the JP90. I also managed to get my hands on a matters of size dvd which advocates doing this one girth exercise after a month or so

It is similar to a horse squeeze, but you dont touch your ok grips together. You just ok grip/tourniquette the base, ok grip below the head and slightly compress and move it around a little bit.

I noticed that while I was doing this, my dick looked major fat. So I measured it. My current girth is 4.8. I measured with my hand made tourniquette still applied and my girth was 5.4

I was pretty ecstatic to see that, but of course I dont think that is with a normal erection. That is the only size that counts to me, honestly. The erection that I put in girls. Not the one I get when I am PE'ing.

So my question is, since it is apparently CAPABLE of achieving that girth, does that mean that eventually my penis will be able to have a standard erection of that girth?