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I forgot, there is no knowledge needed when PE'ing. You just grab, pull, squeeze.............. Just because a guy is naturally gifted doesn't mean he thinks he knows anything. The best coaches in sports are those who didn't do the best on the field, but tried the best they could to be as good as they could be. They know that without clear direction and instruction most of us won't naturally pull it off on the field. The gifted athlete doesn't understand why someone can't simply do something. My first post simply meant that I appreciate anyone who had to work for what he got, no matter what it is. To be a genetic freak makes some aspects of your life easier, but more likely than not they don't appreciate what they have compared to the people who busted their asses to get it.
Yes, but working hard to get strong, conditioned, lean, and big without genetics give you the edge knowing what works, and knowing how to train people. Just because is born with a large penis doesn't mean they don't know how to use and/or don't have a healthy sex urges and erections. I do agree that yes, someone with a naturally large dick isn't going to have the edge of having the knowledge of someone who grew his dick from a small size to a big size and has trained other people to do so. But this doesn't take away from the fact that simply someone who grew their penis from small to a large size is the best lover or has the best sexual health, nor does it mean the naturally gifted guy doesn't know how to use it/have sexual health. I guess to me that just means, hey, I respect anyone who wants to better themselves, however, I don't think it necessarilly means one is better than the other. Be happy with yourself and set goals regardless.

But maybe I'm biased because I'm above the average size. People who have great genetics and "wing it" in the gym don't like being told they didn't have to work hard for what they have. I respect them for doing it, regardless. Oh well.