Has anyone here experimented with a weighed v-stretch?

The idea came to mind yesterday when I asked myself how can I apply more concentrated force to the tunica?

The idea is pretty simple and comfortable.

Step 1: Attached the hanger (I have a Bib hanger) to near the glans.

Step 2: Apply a padded rope above the hanger (between the end of the hanger and the base of the penis).

Step 3: Instead of applying weight to the hanger, simply pull the hanger out.

Step 4: Apply weight, using a hook, to the end of the padded rope.

The tunica must really be tough, because in a flaccid state, I can hang 15 pounds to a very concentrated area of the tunica with no pain.

If this has been mentioned, I apologize for the redundancy. If not, and you have constructive criticism as to its value, please let me know.