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Irishfan, I will be the devils advocate. While I do agree with the pro's here stating that hanging and other "advanced" PE, should only be undertaken after 90 days of conditioning. I would say that hanging with only 2.5lbs is a pretty light weight, and therefore almost qualifies as initial conditioning as the pro's have suggested.

There will be a BIG different between hanging at 2.5lbs, which is more like stretching, and hanging with 15lbs, which can be VERY strenuous.
Hanging even 2.5lbs before one is conditioned both mentally and physically is still a lot of weight to hang. Especially for people new to hanging, like myself, 2.5lbs isn't all that light.

Advanced PE should never be taken only after 3 months of conditioning either. Advanced PE exercises should not be done by anyone until at least 6 months of prior PE experience. 3 months only leaves you open to intermediate exercises.