Hi again,

I guess some of you will remmber me.Now I will write all my PE story clearly and wait for your feedbacks especially from the experienced ones.
Last year I began to PE in the middle of september and my routine was quite heavy for a newby;

5 minutes of warm-up with a hot wet towel
15 minutes of stretching including all the directions
30 minutes of wet jelqing
5 minutes of Uli

After approxiamtely 2.5 months I took a break cause I didnt know anything about cementing hence I lost all my gain(didnt measure but it was clear at first glance particularly in girth).Then after 3 weeks break I went on the PE again with the same routine just tried to increase my warm up time.During my exercises I had a terrible EQ and lost my morning woods.This summer I have read several books about PE and especially dedicated for "Exercising the Penis".Due to that book it claims we receive all the good or bad signs in our body,so that it is quite easy to decide if the things are going well or we are suffering from overtraining.
Finally in the middle of last september I jumped into a new routine as written below;

10-15 minutes warm up with hot towel
20 minutes of wet jelqing
10 minutes combination of Uli and edging

Since I am afraid of overtraining I began to follow this routine but in the last two weeks I couldnt see promising improvement both in girth and length.Last year I lost almost 0.4 inch in girth,probably due to stretching or overtraining I just skipped stretching this time.So that my questions are;

1) Is it possible to get back my previous girt at least?cause many people need almost one year to get this gain and gaining girth is much more difficult imao.
2) Since I am not a newby for PE,do you think this routine will be enough and work for me?
3) Nowadays I dont even have any improvement on my EQ also have weak erections in the early morning.
4) Do you think towel raising will be a heavy exercise for me?

By the way,I seduced myself to drink 1.5-2 liters of water everyday,regularly drinking 2 cups of black tea and also taking multivitamin complex which also contains minerals like;zinc,copper,cobalt,iron,selenium...etc.On the other hand I prefer to eat healthy food in order to get a proper blood flow,like onion,banana,salmon.

I am terribly sorry for my bad and boring language skills also for the long messageThanks in advance,I wish you all good luck with further gains in PE=)