Guys, I discovered a few years ago that when I sat in a certain position that the head of my penis would fill with blood but the shaft would not be erect. It was as if some how the way I sat acted as a valve, letting the blood into the head but not letting it out. Eventually I have to move from this position because otherwise I feel the head might explode because it goes so big.

I suppose people could do this using a cockring. I wouldn't know how they would do it, but they could use the cockring to keep the head 'inflated' as they walked around.

I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this, and if there is a name for it?

The way I sat when I noticed this, was on the edge of my bed, leaning forward slightly, getting lots of pressure on the perineum. You need to try to get an erection in this position, and you will notice that the head fills up loads but not the shaft.

I think it's the perineum that cyclcists are always having trouble with when they complain about having a numb penis afterwards. Because I have noticed when I sit in that position for a while the penis will go numb. Makes sense to me...

Anyone know anything about this?