Been gaining in girth (not much but noticeable) for the past 2 weeks.

My last jelq session, I felt like blowing my load while edging and I'm not sure if I did or not. Anyway, my penis felt weird when I touched it and I thought it was because I had an orgasm. My EQ has been average-low since then.
I also thought it was all mental because it was slightly bigger and I wasn't used to it.

I didn't PE for the next 5 days but I noticed something..
1. I lasted longer during sex (30-60 minutes) when I have trouble lasting 15 minutes. Also, not sure if this was a mental thing.
2. It feels weird when I squeeze/touch my penis. I don't get the "hyper-sensitive, feels too good, need to cum asap" feeling (that we all try to hold back during premature ejaculation). Mental?

I'm not sure if this is physical or mental. I'm stopping PE for a good while until I know for sure and my EQ goes back up.

Anyone have this problem before?