Please forgive me if this has been answered before in the forum, I'm new and I've been looking and searching through the threads
with no luck! So I thought I'd post my question!

A while back I went to a Adult Sex Shop to just look around and was fortunate to be in there in its last days of trade! They had everything reduced by 75%.

I purchased a Andropenis device in my mad shopping spree! Seriously I nearly brought the whole store ...lol

I had done no real research on this device - only what the sales person told me. And at the price I paid it was pretty good ($75)

I tried it once and thought ...Na maybe some day I'll devote the time to it. Well the time has come and I'm ready.

I recently purchased a Handsome up Penis pump because I'm looking to get more hard (its been a little on the soft side lately)

I digress,

Can I Use both in the same day? If so, should I split it up or can I use one after the other!

I have seen a thread relating to a water pump and extender being used together and it sounded ok. (using the pump after the extender to get blood flow in after stretching.

Is this really safe? or would it be over working the fella?

I'd love some personal feedback/info from anyone who is currently using a Andropenis Extender and Penis Pump combined.

All the best, be blessed,