I've been toying with an exercise I have termed a reverse squeeze. It may exist out there but I have yet to find another exercise like it. I have found it better than the reverse jelq which I don't like at all. It is designed to increase base girth as well as reduce the fatigue created by girth work.

Reverse Squeeze

You will need about a 50% erection, so a descent semi. Now run your fingers from your butt area towards your scrotum. Just past the half way point you will be forcing blood into the penis increasing the blood there. Now, keep constant pressure at this point and grasp your penis at the glans and first two inches of the penis in a reverse grip, ie thumb towards body. Now ins a gradual squeeze, push the blood from the glans and upper shaft of the penis towards your base all while holding your three finders below your scrotum. You will increase pressure inside of the penis while not compressing the base as in other squeezes or clamping. The pressure is difficult to increase to a very high degree but you should feel pressure inside of the base area and get some expansion. During the squeeze your penis will likely deflate as you will be unable stop all of the blood from flowing out. Work your semi back up and repeast. Squeeze should be about 5-7seconds.

I also like this exercise because it expands an area of the penis that usually is being compressed in squeezes and clamping and UIs. I believe this will help in recovery and maintaining EQ during girth work. So far they have reduced the "fatigue" from my girth work.

I was meaning to create a thread about this, might as well throw this info to the forum as well.