Hey guys, im just about to finish up JP's 90 day routine (3 more days) and its been crazy, havent check for gains yet and i will post on a new thread soon. Anyway i just wanted to post my new workout routine it was probably be 2days on and 1 off i might switch it up and do 3days on and 1 off. My routine will go as followed:

10min warm-up

keeping most of JP's stretches just adding time and reps
rotating stretch
leg tuck pull

about 100-150 jelqs low erection (50% below)
in those jelqs i want to try out side jelqings.

10 min warm down

And maybe every other day on my 2day on and 1 off i can edge and then warm down.

So guys what do ya think? Looking for length and i want to try to see some gains in realistically 3-4 months.

Leave your comments and ideas to try and add for my benefit that worked with you.

Also i want to add Side fowfers however the video on the website doesnt work, anybody wanna tell me how it works?