I won't go into detail about why I am doing this, but I am. I spend way too much time masturbating/ watching pornography, when i could be doing better things, especially as a student. I am going to challenge myself to completely stop these activities for a couple weeks at least....but I may need your support. I have gone with "I'll just edge when I need to masturbate, and maybe get some gains"...but that always just leads to more masturbation, and often ejaculation. I dont know if its an addiction per say, but its a habit I want to CONTROL...not necessarily break. But limiting myself for a long time will give me the confidence that I can do it. I do however plan to still have sex with my girlfriend and live a normal life. I would just be happy if I could hold back my urges once in a while. I will keep updates of my progress...I may fail a few times but I dont plan on it!

Here's to self control!! ....Also on the note that studies show those to masturbate less or not at all (USUALLY combined with PE), have a larger penis size...We'll see what happens. Maybe when I succeed I'll try a PE routine or edging.