What is it I want in the short term?
Uhm. Money? Kids? A loving wife? A massive penis?
No as all the above need effort to attain. All I want to reach by my next birthday is 5" MSEG which will probally bring me up to 5.5" BEG hell maybe if I'm lucky 5.125" MSEG.
Infact I would love to hit 5.25"-5.5" MSEG by this time next year, Infact as long as my penis remains its current length, hell. Maybe add 0.25" and get to 7.5"BPEL x 5.25" MSEG or if I'm lucky 7.5"BPEL x 5.50" MSEG I would be happy if I never gained again. As long as I get too 5"+ MSEG I'll be happy.