Guys, there are at least four reasons why your penis may shrink.

The first reason is: you have done a good exercise, just enough to make your penis grow. It will shrink for up to 2 hours, but after 2 or 3 hours if you try getting it up you will have improved EQ and your penis will be very happy.

The second reason is: you have done too much exercise, you have overtrained. Near the end of your exercise your penis will shrink and say "stop touching me!" It will be very difficult to get an erection and if you manage to get it up it will be smaller than usual and it won't feel all that good. It will probably be like this all night, and you probably won't have night or morning wood, and the next day you won't have improved EQ. I haven't ever overtrained very much so I don't really know, but it probably depends on how much you overtrain.

The third reason is: you are stressed out, your body is tense. This is normal and it doesn't mean anything.

The fourth reason: you smoke too many cigarettes or do drugs or you eat too much junk food and never get any physical exercise.