I'm having major problems making progress. I've done routines before a couple times but that was over a year ago for both times. I did gain, but once from steady consistent work. I was not able to continue this routine due to a schedule. So it seemed logical to try the same thing where I started last time. I did the beginner routine but it always seems like I over train. My EQ isn't great, but I have gotten morning wood more often from starting but it's not all that hard softer than before I think.

The other time I gained (both were not permanent) as I was unable to continue. I did beginner routines inconsistently for a little while and noticed gains after tripping some serious balls for hours one night during which I had terrible shrinkage. The next day it was ridiculous I swear to everything I was .25" bigger in girth that next day than normal with an erection and a little over .25" in length with the a 9-10 EQ. I know I was not tripping the next day and imagining this because somebody else saw and measured we even took pictures and compared. Then the next couple times I did my routine I fucked it up by overtraining lost it and couldn't gain anything anymore.

I also did kegels during both times. Now I am doing kegels and wondering if that contributes to overtraining maybe I should cut them out of the routine or cut the routine out while I kegel up until I could start jelqing Idk.

I've been trying to piece the puzzle together on the missing factors or elements on what I could of done then that I'm not doing now. Here are some things I'm unsure about.

1. My warm up now is 5-7minutes long I read a post from big AL maybe? I'm not trying to incriminate anybody here or say someone is wrong or right here but, I believe that stated that's all one needs and more can do harm. I used to warm up for atleast 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure I went up to 15 not sure.
2. I don't get high anymore even though I thought it was a negative thing anyways...
3. I don't know how hard to stretch it maybe? I thought you should stretch it all the way it can then a tad more.
4. I stopped doing jai stretches after a workout just before now. Would that make a difference?
5. When I jelq I grip the base then milk up to the head and then stop and start the other and go up 1/3 or 1/4 of the way then take my other hand off of it. I thought I read that is best and prevents the baseball bat effect.
6. I take adderall almost daily now it is doctor prescribed. It does not cause ridiculous shrinkage like getting high often did. Some but not a ton. I just started take medicine to sleep that is primarily used for blood pressure. The literature that came with the medicine clearly states that it works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. So to me that means my strategy should be to take the adderall as early and least often as possible as my schedule allows. Then before I go to bed take this medicine jelq and what not since there would be more blood flow than when stimulated on adderall, and more than normally not taking it. Then fall asleep right after jelqing. That way my penis might respond better to the exercises better than being deprived of blood and going through a day before I sleep then my body repairs compared to
jelqing ---> sleep more blood flow maybe that would make a big difference?

Thanks in advanced. This just fucking irritates me more than anything I'm a perfectionist about my body and this is like the last piece that isn't shaping up. I'm not saying my body is perfect or I am by the way. Also since I was 16 (I'm 21 now) I tried to do everything I could to get access to penile secrets. I somehow believed only their system would deliver best. Unfortunately they wouldn't take my money orders in the mail and I couldn't take my parents credit or debit cards because they would find out and that would be ridiculously embarrassing so just saying this to let you know I'm obsessed with this. I'm sure people know what I mean about obsessing over it.