I finished the JP90 routine over a week ago and gained half an inch in length, but no girth. I had been jelqing at quite a high erection level in the beginning of the routine, but halfway through the routine I thought I would do less intense jelqs. Neither seem to have made a difference as I did not see girth gains in any case. I am not sure how to change my routine as I don't know exactly why I did gain length, but no girth. I assume that my length came from stretching.

In the last two weeks I varied the stretching routine. Instead of ten cranks, I varied it by stretching up, down, left and right, for three seconds each with a couple of kegals on each. I done this ten times instead of the ten cranks, but it took an awful lot longer to do. I was getting a good stretch, which in terms of time was probably equivalent to double the amount of cranks - easily.

So here is how I want to vary the routine.

Drop V Jelqs.
I don't know whether dropping normal jelqs too is a possibility. I seen zero girth gains so I probably need another girth exercise.

Add ulis.
I know some people say you are only conditioned after 3 months, and others say 6 months. I feel like I am ready to try these, but am open to advice or alternative suggestions for girth.

Continue with my own version of cranks as a variation of JP90 but spend slightly less time stretching than I was. Like I said I was spending a lot of time stretching and my total workout (stretching and jelqs) was lasting about one hour 25 minutes - including the warm up with a hot cloth. It just felt like too long.

I want to keep my entire routine to about 45 minutes, or one hour maximum if possible. I am looking for advice here as I am still don't consider myself knowledgeable. I realise there are no rules here so if I can find something that makes me gain without making my routine really long I am happy to go through the trial and error.