My goals are to add more length but also to work harder on girth following JP's 90 day program.


Warm up
10 minutes minimum in a hot bath

Stretch and hold for 25 in each direction, followed by 25 quick kegels.
Rotary stretches x 20 in each hand.
A stretches - 30 seconds in each hand.
Heli-Shakes inbetween each set.

4 x 70 Wet jelq's at 70% EQ.
5 x 70 V-jelq's at 80%+ EQ.

30 seconds in each hand after each set of wet jelq's (4 x 30 seconds)

Warm Down
10 minutes in hot bath


I plan on doing this 4/5 days on 2 days off.
Also I count each individual stroke as a rep just to make it easier while I count them out.

What do you guys think?
Is this too much?
Is there a more effective arrangement/choice of exercises I could try?